Report a private housing issue

Use this form to report issues related to a privately rented property.

Provide as much detail as possible to help the council’s investigation of the issue.

Priority is always given to cases which pose the greatest risk to tenants. Not all enquiries will require formal investigation and many issues can be resolved informally.


You can also report serious disrepair issues related to your privately rented property that pose a risk to you. This can include continuous flowing leaks, drainage, faulty electrics, no heating in winter months, filthy and verminous premises and asbestos.

You must inform your landlord (or agent) of the issues before contacting the council. Ensure you have satisfied the following steps before completing this form:

  • You have notified your landlord of the disrepair issue in writing
  • You have allowed at least 14 days for your landlord to respond (in exceptional cases, a shorter timeframe will be permitted where disrepair issues pose a severe and imminent risk to health)
  • Your landlord has failed to respond and fix the disrepair issues raised
  • You have contact details for your landlord